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The Art (and Power) of Asking Good Questions

I’m reading the book¬†The Innovator’s DNA. It describes 5 key attributes exhibited by disruptive innovators, one of which is a “passion for inquiry”. Innovators¬†are skilled at asking questions. The authors also relate how Apple, Inc.’s Chairman of the Board Steve … Continue reading

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To Spur Out of the Box Thinking, Don’t Create a Box

I wrote in my initial post that one of the things about working for my Dad that drove me crazy was that he would give me a job to do but would refuse to tell me how to do the … Continue reading

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The People Who Know Things Should Get to Make Decisions

After preparing for vacation, taking vacation – and then recovering from vacation – I am hopefully back on a regular schedule of posting here. The topic of this post is on the importance of building a great team and a … Continue reading

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