In order to really understand what this blog is meant to be about I suggest reading my first post here: Old SOB Comes Out in San Francisco. This is how I would summarize it:

  • A Few Things I Learned in the Butcher Shop is about all the dirty, hard, stinky, boring, low-paying (and no-paying) jobs I had in the 20+ years before graduating from University, and how these jobs prepared me for leadership positions in the world of high technology in the 20+ years (and counting) since.

In my current job I manage a Research and Development organization of 650+ software development staff distributed across the globe in 18 cities and 7 different countries. There is no doubt that my University training and what I later learned in my professional career from mentors and colleagues – as well as learning from many, many mistakes made on my own along the way – helped to prepare me for this role.

However, I have come to realize that these ‘dirty jobs’ did as much or more to equip me with the skills needed in my professional career, and tying these two topics together is the primary subject of this blog.

There are many places where you can learn something about business, management and leadership from the professional experience of others. This is one of the few places you might learn something about business, management and leadership from a SOB.

Hope you enjoy reading, and maybe learn a thing or two.


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