Quality Issues Can Bring Entire Company to Halt

This is the first post where meat and software meet. It deals with the topic of quality, and how poor quality in the butcher shop can bring a company to halt in the same way that poor quality in the software shop can bring a company to a halt. In both cases producing high quality output from the start results in higher efficiency, lower costs and a more satisfied customer. Alternatively, when quality problems are discovered at the very latest stage – by your customers – the cost to mitigate immediate damages as well as the cost to correct the underlying root cause of the problem can be orders of magnitude higher than detecting the problem at an earlier stage.

The USDA is responsible for the meat inspection process. There is a licensed Federal or State inspector on site who has the authority to bring the entire operation to a standstill if there is any issue with quality. Prior to anyone starting any work activity for the day, there is a site inspection covering everything from the cleanliness of the grounds outside the building, to ensuring Continue reading

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Breaking Internet Silence

I mentioned in my first post that I would explain why I couldn’t be found on the internet prior to this week. That explanation is the subject of my musings in this post.

Being invisible to the world wide web is an especially remarkable feat given that I work in the high tech industry, and furthermore that I work for a communications company. How did this come about, and more interestingly, why? In other words, WTF?

I can tell you it was a deliberate decision (however crazy it might seem), and it really does take some effort to fly under the radar and beyond the grasp of Google, Inc. But why am I finally throwing in the towel in this quixotic effort and breaking my internet silence? Why – for better or for worse – I am now writing in the indelible, eternal ink of the internet? And why, therefore, am I now risking eternal embarrassment and ruin, Continue reading

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Old SOB Comes Out In San Francisco

OK, OK, I admit to a bit of sensationalism in the description of this post. While it is entirely accurate, it probably means something completely different than what you imagined. Let me explain by dissecting the title.

Old: I’ve worked in the technology industry for 20+ years, and I’m clearly not a digital native. Digital natives like my own children (the youngest of which turns 21 years old this year) think that I’m old. And besides, whether or not I really am old, I definitely wanted to use the words ‘Old SOB’ in the title.

SOB: I’m the Son of a Butcher. I’ll return to this later in this post, and throughout the blog. Enough said for now.

Comes Out: Before now you couldn’t find me on the internet. Unbelievable but true, and it was certainly not by accident. I’ll expand on this in a later post as well.

In San Francisco: I live in San Francisco, one Continue reading

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